Day xx • 8am Session

Sometimes lately when I’ve had an idea, I think, “that’s too simple” or gimmicky - why should I do that, anyone could do that. Running parallel to these thoughts, I’ve been thinking about avant guard art, or contemporary art and this art argument:

“Why is this art? I could do that.”

“But you didn’t. This person did. And they call it art. So it is.” 

Only just now have I merged these two thoughts together. It’s also evident that my first idea is not everyone’s first idea. It really shows when you have all these artists using the same system and building very different things. Also of note, I may as well start with my first thought and develop an idea from there-allow it to exist and have a life outside my brain rather than abort it immediately because I think it’s too simple. Simplicity can be so amazing in this space. Very often, the most simple, sparse sounds in this system have been the most interesting. 

Yesterday I had a thought that there needs to be a “water break”. Not literally that anyone would get up, but a small section with no voice for a quick rainstorm to pass over and clear the air a bit. Originally I wanted there to be rain during the throat chakra section, but now the Tibetan bowl and voices will fill the space for that whole section. I believe the text talks a lot about water at that point, but I think it may fall in nice contrast to the rest of the piece to not have the sound directly follow the text for a section. Especially because then we move into to more etherial chakras that are not as rooted in physical imagery. 

I’m writing this listening to some floaty electronic music. Whenever I listen to music like this, I think, I could write this, I would love to write something like this. I just thought that and then I thought-there’s lots of people who write this. Let them. I don’t need to. I do other things well. Let yourself just enjoy the work of others without feeling the need to reproduce it. 

K: “I’m worried that I’m not smart enough.”

V: “Only smart people have this worry.”

Kate De Lorme