Day 85 • 8am Session

Idea to have tree ambience without the big swoosh until a point where you could hear the full loop with all the intricacies and then the loud wind in one section where there is no voice. This can ether be just before the end allowing the last 2 phrases to happen after, or it could happen at he very end and the swoosh continues through the space and takes the sound right out with a big gust. 

I’m sitting at the kitchen table. Ana is frying something in the kitchen. Everyone else is scattered around but moving at a leisurely pace. We just walked through some scheduling logistics, but with laughter. Ana has the small bluetooth speaker playing a light piano music that’s reminiscent of her playing when she dabbles on the out of tune piano upstairs. 

I’m at peace watching this found family surrounding me. Appreciating the moment and the spatial sound that surrounds me. 

Kate De Lorme