Day 685 • 7pm Session

Yesterday after my session I worked on some paper work. I continued building my poster adding Hungarian phrases and asking other’s to check if it made any sense. I also had the idea to put these journal entries on my website as blog entries. Ana, who is filming a documentary of all the 4DSOUND artists asked if I had some time to do a recording. She asked if I could talk about some images related to each chakra as she wants to make some images of this during the description of my piece. The way I’ve been getting any imagery and text for this piece is to go into a deep meditation and then speak whatever comes through. So I did this process with her recording in my room. I was taken really deep into the meditation almost instantly and then I was able to step away from my body and let words flow through me to describe these images connected with each chakra and how they relate to our physical world. It was very cool and the whole thing is recorded which is amazing. I think because it was recorded I was able to let go more because I knew I didn’t have to try to remember what I had said later. This is probably a good note for me when I’m doing any channeling work in the future. 

Idea idea idea!! For the solar plexus section, the sunbeams comes in one at a time from different windows in the space. They follow the actual sunbeams that are in the space on the day that I build it. They are on a slow path from the window, across the room. The midi instrument will be a call back to the instrument used very lightly at the beginning of the piece to picture the white light that comes from the centre of the earth. A call back to the white light that is within the earth is the same as the white light that’s in all of us, through our whole body but very much at our power centre-the solar plexus. 

The system requires mono tracks. Originally I just was building in logic, exporting the signal split and only using one of the two channels. Now I’ve been creating two spacial objects and sending one side of the stereo signal to each. Then I play with the distance between them and how they relate to each other. It creates this beautiful freedom, as though I have floating speakers that I can move virtually with ease, anywhere in the room. 

So these sunbeams, each will be two objects traveling as a stereo image and interacting with each other. I’ll export each note as an individual track and then layer them in the space to give my self room freedom as to when they each activate and where they are in the space. I think the total will be three sun beams coming in around head height, and the bottom note will be layered lower under the floor. All these tracks have a lot of sparkle and movement and I’m excited to play with how they interact in the space!!!

Kate De Lorme