Sound Design


The Bacchae 2.1
UBC Theatre
January 2015


As act 2 begins, a new world is formed and we are introduced to The Bacchae women.  Inspiration for this soundscape came from conversations with the director about "multilingual ambiguity" and "otherworldliness".

This track was originally in 6.1 surround with the voices, at varied levels, whispering to the audience.



Salmon Girl
Raven Sprit Dance
February 2017


A girl is seen drowning in a silk river. Gradually, a transformation begins.  You hear her struggle as she is taken below and above the rushing river. The operator triggered each section live to coincide with the actions of the actor.  

This track was originally in 6.1 surround. The sound of the river on stage initially, then moving to surround the audience, immersing them in the experience of the character.


café scene

Rain Stick Project
Kate De Lorme
April 2016


A soundscape created entirely from sounds recorded from one voice actor and a rain stick. An example of storytelling using only audio. Layering and panning have been used to create a surround environment. 

Voice: Eric Chad

Cafe Rain.jpg

Dionysus Dances With Snakes

The Bacchae 2.1
UBC Theatre
January 2015


Dionysus has just broken out of captivity.  He dances centre stage, snakes tied around his body.  We begin to understand his godliness in contrast with his humanity. 

This track was originally in 6.1 surround.  The breath and the voices of the Bacchae lingering in the audience.

Dion Snakes.jpg


Dorthy Summerset Theatre
Novemebr 2015


A short performance originally in 4.1 surround in a small black box space. The audience was invited on stage and lay in circle with shut eyes. The entirety of the piece took place in blackout. 

Voice: Kate De Lorme

Sampled: Florence + The Machine - “Cosmic Love”



Joe Ink
October 2015


A tuning violin starts distant as the lights go down on the audience.  We are in darkness for a moment.  Slowly, we see the four silhouetted dancers as they move into the band of light upstage.