Day something something • 2pm Session

“Spirituality gives you the space and the tools to discover that you are enough.” - Cat (through someone that was talking to Oprah)

Since I arrived, I’ve been sending these voice messages between two of my friends which have been little mini therapy sessions where we each speak out our stream of consciousness. It feels good because it’s not just out to the ether, it’s to someone we love and know cares about us, but it’s also not a phone call where the other person can respond in real time, so there’s something very therapeutic about it. 

We’ve been talking about worry a lot here at Arts Quarter Budapest. Worry that what we’re making isn’t good, good enough, that it isn’t art, that it isn’t good art, worrying about worrying. Today I spent my session having recorded conversations about worry with other artists here. Their worries, their interpretations, their self doubt. I am going to take these recordings and create a cluster of sound that bounces around the room of self doubt and inner dialogues. I think I will have this cacophony of sound as the audience enters and then shrink it down to silence to start the show. So all these buzzing voices in our minds converge into silence and one unifying voice that tell you, “you are safe”. The last line of the show is “you are enough”. Mm. That might be a good poster. 

“You can do anything! You can do anything you set your mind to!” - A woman on a bus in Vancouver to no-one in-particular.

Kate De Lorme