Day 8 • 8am Session

I started off my day with a recording session that went so well!!! I built myself a little foam fort/sound booth in the studio and did my recording from there. I had tried a few days ago in the middle of the night in my room and didn’t end up finishing because I couldn’t really get into it. I found I was more at peace and relaxed and ready to record a lengthly piece of audio when I wasn’t pressed for time and it wasn’t late at night. If felt right and I got a lot of content. I used my zoom recorder and after some processing in post, it actually sounds pretty great in the room. I figured it might be okay to just used my zoom instead of renting a mic as I planned because I had piped in a previous piece I had recorded with the zoom and it sounded pretty good. So I just built myself a better recording environment and was very pleased with the results.

Kate De Lorme4dsound