Day 5 • working from computer

I’ve been struggling the last few day with giving an audio object direction when moving. I’ve achieved it, but the effect is still very subtle. The system has an awesome setting that takes away the doppler effect in one click. I think I have just had a breakthrough in realizing that I have built this setting into every channel when actually it would very likely help me locate individual sounds as they zoom past. Also this would help give an individual experience because the effect will always be from an individual perspective. Excited to try this with some new tracks I’ve created today.


P.S. Re: Yesterday. No bug with rotation. The way to save all setting for a spatial object is to create an ‘instant’. I’m choosing to operate in the session view of Ableton. I recall these instants as clips in the same scene as the audio file. I had changed the name on the clip that recalled the instant. So even though I was updating the instant with new rotation parameters, it was always recalling the previous version I had saved. 

Kate De Lorme