Day 3 • 2pm Session

Today I built some ideas for the first two scenes of my show. The system has so many abilities that are easy to work with as an audio professional. Basically, anything I’ve been able to think up so far, there has been a way to achieve it through programming. I have never felt so immediately at home on new software. However, I’m realizing that spatial sound is an interesting beast. Today I was working on a patch that had 4 points of sound in the top 4 corners of the room that all met in the centre of the room, below the floor. When I played the same clip on all four channels, the movement was barely noticeable because naturally you were hearing all the channels at once. Playing the tracks slightly out of sync helps with this as does using a track that has contrast elements. For example, the track I’m using is quite ambient and has a lot of low end. I added some high bell tones at the top of the track for the listener to initially locate the sound and more easily follow its path to the centre of the room. Even though the tone is still playing on its path, I found a second ping at the mid way point again helped the listening ear to localize the position. Where I’m finding frustration is actually how the brain fills in the gaps where sound is missing-which does not help me with precision. I have a few different ideas to try and help this issue. I’m so happy to be hear for a prolonged time so that I have this time to learn the system as it really is an instrument I’m learning to play. I thought my time here would be largely taken up learning the technology, but as it turns out, the system is so intuitive and user friendly that it’s me who has to learn how to create with this new instrument.

Kate De Lorme4dsound